About us

Experience MY Portofino is a brand of Gabilatour travel agency, a family business run by Ilaria and Gabriele which has
been operating since 2003.
In 2013 Gabilatour met Francesca and together decided to start a collaboration, selecting local vendors and creating our tours
and experiences.
The name Experience MY Portofino was created from our aspiration to help travellers discover the authentic parts of Liguria. We decided to use ”MY” because we would like you not just observing local but getting a sense of it and feeling part of it.

Gabriele Raffo

Gabriele Raffo is enthusiastic and enlightening, always ready to explore.
After years of experience in the hotel industry, he joined Ilaria in the management of the travel agency.

In 2013 he created Experience MY Portofino and started concentrating on showcasing the Riviera.

Gabriele loves sharing his local knowledge with his international guests.

Francesca Nastasi

Francesca Nastasi is a super smily and deeply knowledge.

After her degree in Tourism Economy, she first worked in a tour agency then as an event organizer and she was a representative for an important English tour operator.

Creating the brand Experience MY Portofino, Francesca has fulfilled her natural passion about sharing the wonders of Liguria.

Why to Choose Us


We are born and live here


Exclusive and authentic experiences


We carefully select our suppliers


Everything is tailored to you


Your peace of mind, 24 hour assistance during the trip


Sustainability, you will get in touch with the local community

A special thank you!

A special thank you to our photographer friends for granting us the splendid photographs:
Daniela Marini
Diego Valceschini
Angelo Grondona
Alessandro Scannapieco – www.flyview.it
Roberto Cilli – http://www.robertocilli.com/