Be inspired

Are you looking for new experiences that will bring you close to the Italian lifestyle?

Here are some ideas to get inspiration from, just a little taste of what we, at Experience MY Portofino, have in store for you!

Food & Wine

Interested in learning about new and delicious local food and wine on your holiday? You will love Experience MY Portofino’s food and wine tasting packages, street food and winery tours, to hands-on cooking classes, there is something for everyone. Liguria boasts some of the best food in Italy, pesto, focaccia, olive oil and so much more.

Tailor Made

What really matters to us at Experience MY Portofino is for you to get the most out of your trip to Italy and everyone’s needs are different. Get in touch with our Destination Experts and together we will help plan a trip you will never forget.


We have access to it all, helicopter transfers, yacht charters, luxury villas, concierge services. Every experience can be crafted just for you. Experience MY Portofino is committed to exceeding your expectations.

Live Like a Local

Soak up the Italian lifestyle by staying in a family-owned hotel or rent a villa, where you are sure to strike up a conversation with a local and make a new friend. Immerse yourself in the Italian culture with a cooking class lead by a local chef. Stroll through the streets stopping to shop in the beautiful boutiques. In the early evening enjoy an aperitif in the idyllic Piazzetta of Portofino.

Family Friendly

Italy is a great place for kids, so many things to see and learn about, so much history all around you. You can take your family on an unforgettable boat ride to San Fruttuoso to see the statue of Christ that is submersed in the water. Great food and friendly faces all around you, fun adventures to be had for the whole family. We take pride in your safety and understand that your family is the most important thing in the world. We believe in unparalleled luxury for you, fun for them, safety and security for all.

Culture & Heritage

Liguria is known for its sailors, world explorers and its dramatic panoramic views. Many poets like Shelley, Lord Byron, Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemingway were all inspired by the beauty and spirit of the region, which lead them to create timeless works of art. Experience MY Portofino has many UNESCO World Heritage site packages to choose from: the quaint villages of the Cinque Terre to the superb historical centre of Genova, packed full of 100 Rolli Palace’s.
Liguria is full of monumental gardens and holy sites with unique Abbeys, Sanctuaries and Churches, each one packed with art and history.

Romance & Marriage Proposals

Looking to take your special someone on an unforgettable trip? How about a private romantic sunset boat tour along the Portofino Coast or an exclusive tour of The Benedictine Abbey of Cervara? One of our partners Martina, is specialised in marriage proposals and romantic outings for two. We at Experience MY Portofino would love to help make your dreams come true. It’s never too late to plan a romantic getaway for you and your loved one in magical backdrop of Portofino.

Trekking & Cycling

Do you love the outdoors and get excited about exploring the wonders of nature? We have just the thing for you! On your own or with a group of friends, Experience MY Portofino has plenty of personalized hiking, cycling and kayaking tours. Liguria is best discovered by seeing its nature. The Portofino Mountain Park and The Cinque Terre National Park are one-of-a-kind places screaming to be visited.

Sea Adventures

Liguria’s waters are world famous. Deep, clear blue and brimming with life. With Experience MY Portofino you can jump on a private ‘’gozzo’ (a traditional local boat) or race your friends on a kayak ride. Dive into the refreshing waters and soak up the spectacular views. There are so many things we can offer you, each to suit your individual needs. Just ask!

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